To improve the quality of lives of humanity

Since June 2003 - Sugant has been focussing on bringing innovative and high quality products for the rapidly changing healthcare market place with the sole objective of meeting the healthcare protection needs of the humanity. We commit ourselves to serve humanity to enhance the quality of life through innovative and high quality healthcare solutions. Our solutions shall be very simple, easy to use and offer unique and great positive experience to the users.

Our name, Sugant, is derived from Dravidan word Sugam meaning a sense of well being and happiness reflecting our commitment to focus in bringing innovative healthcare solutions to the communities we serve. We learn from experience and expectations

Our core businesses are in contraception, Feminine hygiene and Sexual wellness. In contraception we market IUD and very innovative condoms. Our feminine hygiene and sexual wellness range include natural products that are highly efficacious and first of its kind in the market.

 Sugant’s purpose and main aspirations


We want to develop and successfully market innovative products to protect the humanity from infections, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life. We also want to reward adequately those who invest ideas and work in our company.


We want to be recognized for having a positive impact on people's lives with our solutions, meeting needs and surpassing expectations. We strive hard to create, sustain earnings and achieve growth to secure long-term business success.

We want Sugant to be the synonym for “Comfort & Confidence”


 All our products conform to most demanding international standards, norms and CE marked .We commit ourselves to a strategy of continuous improvement by having in place stringent quality management systems and processes.


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